Lighting consumption upgrade

According to the survey, more than 80% of the young men and women when decorate, don't know how to match for house lighting, whether through online sales channels, or walking in the entity shop want to buy lighting, they are easy to get into the sweet: screen/view more and more range of lighting products, whether to which a "luck"?

According to statistics, in 2015, China's lighting market capacity reached 15.44 billion; In 2017, about 6 million new homes were renovated; In 2019, the lighting market capacity reached 20.74 billion, with a CAGR of about 7.7%; In 2020, more than 7 billion lamps are expected to be produced worldwide. With the rapid growth in demand, the lighting industry is shooting for a bigger market.

It has to be said that lighting has found a niche with a lot of consumer demand: products and experiences that are different from some of the cheap industry goods that are everywhere, but are not as far out of reach as high-end luxury goods, and most importantly, its rising "level of appearance" is increasingly bringing a sense of ritual to life.

Lighting appearance level in the upgrade, consumption in the upgrade

People pursuit of "beauty" has a very high, many businesses found that level of product appearance can greatly stimulate the user consumption, lovers of lamp act the role ofing, good-looking and good really is just as important, or even sometimes look more important than good, so many businesses build their official product, are used to "aesthetics".

Take the popular wardrobe cabinet lamp of the whole network in recent years as an example, from the background of the page, to the head design, and then to the picture of each product, all have their own characteristics; As big as the decoration, as small as the packaging, you can see the little thought spent on the appearance level of the product. More importantly, this element, which goes beyond the material itself and has multiple textures and geometric aesthetics, has been brought to millions of homes.

For the new generation of consumers, behind these "appearance level upgrade", consumption upgrade is an unavoidable factor. Consumption upgrade mean, utility consumption and good consumption growth rate is much higher than necessary, in other words, consumers want to let oneself become better, also positively to experience the world of good, they are willing to pay for the premium brand, this brand premium can be certain experience, brand reputation, or simply is the product features.

Is on the whole, in order to promote the consumption upgrade, a growing number of lighting companies to pay more attention to the consumer, the immediate need aimed at industry spot, blind spots, with more rich products, quality services to meet the demand of colorful new consumption, thus better seize the market opportunity, together from the demand side and supply side can let consumer market really alive.

In the future, from the information Internet to the value Internet, from the e-commerce economy to the industrial community, a large number of new species will be born like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, behind which is the iterative upgrading of countless industrial chains. Consumption upgrade brings new consumer market and incremental market, for many lighting brands, is an opportunity and challenge!

2022年11月1日 11:25