Hong Kong pavements have installed LED red lights to warn phubbers to stop

Hong Kong, China is trying a new method to help improve the attention of pedestrians crossing the road, especially those with mobile phone phubbers, in order to protect their lives.

The special feature of the new street lamp is that in addition to relying on the traditional "little red man" stop signal light to remind pedestrians to pass, there are also LED lights installed on both sides of the road, which emit red light on the ground, so that people with heads down will find the sidewalk is red and remind pedestrians to stop.

Hong Kong's transport authority says the increasing popularity of smartphones is causing some pedestrians to be distracted from the road, and the leds are meant to alert pedestrians, especially those looking at their phones, that the red light is turning on and they should stop.

The project will be piloted for six months at four locations in Hong Kong to ensure the safety of pedestrians crossing busy roads

2022年11月1日 15:50