VS17822 12V RGB Programmable Led Pixel Strip

IC Type:  VS17822

Voltage:  DC12V

LED Source:  SMD5050RGB

LED Chip:  Epistar

LED Qty:  30LED/Meter   60LED/Meter   

Power:          9W/Meter      18W/Meter    

IC Qty:         30P/Meter       60P/Meter        

Cutability:  1LED/Cut

Dimension:  5000*10*2.4mm 

Beam Angle:  120°

Color Mode:  Depends on controller

IP Grade:  IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68

Packing:  5Meter/Roll

PCB: White/Black PCB

Grey Scale:  256/Color

IP20   Non-waterproof                   

IP65   Silicon Glue Covering Waterproof                  

IP67   Silicon Tube Waterproof                 

IP68   Silicon Tube and Silicon Glue Filled Waterproof


12V operating supply voltage with 7805 module inside.

Default 17.5mA constant current output, the minimum is 11mA.

Use e-RZ code, serial data frequency 800kHz.

8bits data transfer, 12bits build-in GAMMA correction of PWM display.

Built-in PWM technology, supports 8kHz PWM refresh rate.

With resumable data transfer function, single chip damage does not infect data transmission.

Built-in display pattern for the applications without a controller.

Built-in automatic testmode, power-on and power-off protection.

ESD: 2kV.

Working environment is from-40°C to +85°C.

Grey Scale: 4096/Color.

12V SMD5050 Programmable Led Strip

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